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Hello World!

Alrighty, first post to my dev/complog. Here, I’ll update the happihaps in what’s going one in my flash game developing and, more importantly to me, my game music composition careers. Fair warning: since this is the first post, it’ll be pretty long, so let’s get started!

Note: You can read more about my personal life and my motives in the “About” page, if you’re interested.

Anyway, I’ve got a few games up on my Kongregate account, along with a handful of ear candy.


Delver is the only game that I did entirely by myself. For everything else, I did the programming and the music, while my girlfriend (known as “ktluvsice”) did all the artwork. Be sure to check out her profile page, too! I came up with all the concepts for the games though. That’s why they’re on my profile 😉

Piano Dancer was a game we made for the “Experience the Music” contest on Kong. It’s sort of a piano version of Guitar Hero, but instead of hitting notes to the beat, you just have to move your move left and right to catch them as they fall down. Also, since we weren’t allowed to use any copyright music without permission, I made retro versions of a bunch of classical songs. I personally think the game’s pretty cool and a lot of fun to play. Unfortunately, dear ktluvsice was fairly new to pixel art at that time, so the graphics aren’t the snazziest, and anytime you have a contest like that, people who desperately want their favorite developer to win will start spam-voting every other entry down. Thus the rating on it is currently a lot lower than I feel it deserves. But hey, whatcha gonna do?

Sky Song was also made for the same contest, although rather slap-dashedly. A lot of other developers were entering more than one game, so I figured I would too just for fun.

Space Crashers  was made for the GiTD contest #20 that’s held every few weeks by Kong’s own Unknown Guardian. It’s basically a backwards launcher game. Instead of trying to get a hedgehog into space or something, you have to try to crash a meteor through the earth and reach the moon on the other side. It was a fun time, just trying to make the best game we could in three days. It was a really ambitious effort though, and I’m still trying to work up te nerve to expand and improve upon it.

When making SunGet for GiTD #21, all we had in mind was to make something simple, and that’s exactly what we did. Minimal thinking paid off, too, because we ended up winning that contest. I don’t know if I’m going to do anything more with that game, though, unless I get some sort of brilliant idea about it.

Finally, our most recent game Ostrich Away was made for GiTD #22. We ended up going right in the middle of over-ambitious and minimalistic. It’s just a runner game where you’re playing as an ostrich trying to escape from a stampeding herd of buffalo, and you have thirty seconds to fly away. I felt the need to add an upgrade system, and there’s where the problems started. Since, we only had three days, there wasn’t enough time to really even do much alpha testing. It ended up getting a lot of positive feedback that was drowned out by so many complaints about the bugs in it. However, this has been one of my favorite projects yet, and I’m definitely going to spend a lot of time working out all the kinks and adding more to it 🙂


I current have quite a few irons in the fire as far as that goes. I’m working on the soundtracks to four RPGs and a few other private projects that I can’t mention quite yet 😉

If you’d like to hear some of my stuff, you can always check out my Kong profile or meander over here or here to listen to some actual stuff that’s been used.

Much more to come! Be sure to check in every week or so to read more exciting tales of mystery, horror, and romance!


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