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Game: Narcaleptic Ninja Started

EDIT: I’ve gotten busy with a lot of other things, so I’ve put this aside for now. I don’t know when I’ll return to it, but I hope to at some point.

I’m planning out a new game that will have gameplay like Gyromite (Game B), one of the few games for NES that made use of ROB. This game will be a bit more action-packed, though, because you won’t just be playing through black-background levels with no storyline. In this game, you’ll play as a ninja who suffers from sever narcolepsy.  He first went to save a princess who has been captured by an evil wizard but feel asleep, got captured, and was thrown in the dungeon. He won’t let a little nap get in the way of his duty though! He will make his way through three levels of the castle (dungeon, main, and roof) while asleep, avoiding guards and other enemies along the way. The player will control the pillars in the castle in order to help him along his way.

I’m thinking of adding a boss fight at the end, where he wakes up, and the player finally gains control of the ninja himself in order to defeat the wizard. Or I might just have a comical cutscene where the ninja falls on his head and knocks him out or something.

I’m planning on making this using Stencyl, just to show everyone that it can be used to make proper games, and not just to steal the demos 🙂

The artwork will be done as bitmap (pixel art), and ktluvsice has already begun by making the ninja and the pillars.

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