I see and get a lot of questions about what programs I use for this or that, so I’ve decided to put up links to a bunch of good resources here. I know that a lot of these are fairly easy to find on your own, but some people just aren’t very good friends with Google.


FlashDevelop – A must-have if you’re not going to get Flash CSx.

Flixel – A framework by Adam Atomic designed for creating retro games. Very nifty!

Box2D – Open source physics engine. Haven’t used it myself, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.

Flashpunk – A framework by Chevy Ray also designed for creating retro games. It’s a lot like Flixel but with some keys differences such as collision detection.

Stencyl – Flixel + Box2D + Great User Interface = one heck of a free program!

Art and Graphics:

Inkscape – A really neat vector art program that was designed to be a basic version of Adobe Illustrator.

Synfig – A sweet suite for animation and vector art.

DAME – Not for graphics really, but it’s unbeatable for level designing.


FamiTracker – A cool program for creating chiptune songs.

Audacity – One of the best audio editing/converting programs out there for the price. You can even get a plugin to use VST effects.

Sfxr – A little diddy for making chiptune sound effects.

LMMS – A pretty nice DAW for all your audio creating needs!

General Information:

Flash Game Dojo – Created by the creators of the creative Flixel and Flashpunk libraries. (They’re really smart!)

Photon Storm – Run by a really successful developer, tons of secrets and tips are expounded in these pages.


All of these programs are very nice for those of us with starving wallets. There are many more out there that I will post here when I think of them. Please leave a comment if you know of any that I left out!

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